Rüdesheimer Winzerexpress

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Rüdesheimer Winzerexpress

The Winzerexpress exists since 1978. It’s a sensation for everybody!

Every day we attract interested and amazed glances when we drive people across the streets, alleys and vineyards of Ruedesheim.

During every approx. half an hour round trip you experience a lot of interesting facts concerning town, country, work and people.

Starting above the Drosselgasse (in front of Siegfrieds Mechanical Musiccabinett) for the round trip you get a stunning and heart-breaking view over Ruedesheim am Rhein.

You may be certain that you get also fascinated by the opposite side of the Rhine and the romantic Rhine valley. The trip with the Winzerexpress counts to one of the incomparable moments in Ruedesheim.


Our open roundtrips start at the top of the Drosselgasse at the music cabinett. The tour takes approx. 30 minutes and you hear explanations about our sights and the work in the vineyards. You can find the next riding time on a clock in the show case in front of the music cabinett. You can join our roundtrips from approx. April to October.

prices 2023

10,00 Euros for adults

5,00 Euros for children (up to 15 years old)

For families with 2 adults and up to 2 children we have a family ticket for 21,00 Euros.

Please ask for our group rates.


For groups from 20 persons it's better to book a private tour early enough! by telephone: +49 (0)6722 / 47 503 or via e-mail. You can book our group tours in the following languages: German | Chinese | Danish | Dutch | English | Finnish | French | Hebrew | Italian | Japanese | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish | Swedish | Turkish